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Create a Layout

How to create a good layout.

Intro Video

In order to complete this course you must have an account with Articles Media. Some parts of this course require features that are only available to verified users.
Layout Types
There are three types of layouts that you can customize. User layouts, public layouts, and private layouts.
User Layouts
Every user has a user layout by default.
Public Layouts
Public layouts are visible to everyone, only verified users can create public layouts.
Private Layouts
Private layouts are only visible to who owns them or anyone that has been added to it.

Adding Tiles
Tiles make up your layout, here we are going to add a few to the layout to make it outs. Lets start by adding some of our favorite podcast and artists.
When styling your layout consider users that can be browsing on light mode and dark mode. We offer the ability to theme a layout based on the theme the user is browsing with.
Layout Limit
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