Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our platform.


What is Articles?
Questions like this are better answered in our mission statement which can be read on our Mission page.
Through transparency, news and politics we plan to educate Americans on the issues that plague this nation. Americans can voice their opionions on proposals that we have made that aim to fix some of these issues. Users of the platform can also submit their own proposals that can be voted on by the community. This is just a short answer, to read everything we are doing check out our mission page.
Very little, we try and share every single possible detail with our community. If there is a piece of data that you wish was public then reach out to us! You can also join the Discord and suggest things there, other members might also agree and you can get feedback.
At this time no, this is something we plan on releasing in the future.
Our own! The idea of a political party is more abstract then you think. We do have our own political party and encourage people to be apart of many political parties! You can be in the Articles Party, you can be a Articles Republican, Articles Democrat or Articles anything.
Soon, we are going to add features to allow others to create their own political parties and set advisors for themselves. Political parties will be limited at 5 per user and will need at least 10 people at the time of formation. Requirements subject to change. Coming 2025.
Yes, but we do charge extra for shipments outside the United States.

Three reasons.

1 - Eventually we will use the existing games, assets, and infrastructure to create a larger game more on brand with Articles. This game will highlight a "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow". The game/simulation will show how we can achieve it and what it would look like. Users will be able to live in and explore the city. All aspects and cost throughout the city will be 100% transparent. Users will be able to vote to change the city through proposals that are based in reality.

2 - To bring repeat traffic to the site and boost community engagement. People playing our games will chat with one another and potentially share a game with others who will go on to become a user/member of our site. This can be especially true once other developers start publishing with us.

3 - To attract developers to the platform. Once all games are open source and anyone can easily contribute, developes may choose to assist us with our games and potentially the main site.

Yes, chat with us and we can see about hosting your game as long as it is on brand with our mission.
All products contain the info of which manufacture we bought from, we always try and purchase from American manufactures first!
Yes, but we do charge extra for shipments outside the United States.