If you would like to help our mission and agree with our agenda we would love to hear from you!

All jobs are part-time or on a per project basis for now, but as the site grows and we can afford to hire people full time we will.

Please email if interested.
Do not worry about a resume and cover letter, keep it casual and share projects you worked on in the past or reasons you think makes you a good fit.


Looking for people with a passion for news and writing. Help create Stories, Issues and Myths that our users can read and trust.

Data Scientist

A large part of Articles Media is presenting users with data in places like our Resources page to allow for easy interpretation of data.


Help design future clothing releases.

Developers (Full Stack)

As Articles Media grows we are going to need more people helping to build our site. This includes building out pages and functions, developing and securing our API, and creating email templates to be used. Our tech stack includes Next.js (React Framework) for our Front/Backend along with our API. Notable tools/npm packages we use include Sendgrid, Bootstrap, MongoDB, MJML, AWS-SDK, Stripe, and Redux to name a few. Commits are welcome and appreciated but we are looking to contract.


Think you have a skill that would be of value that is not listed here? Please reach out to us, we will keep your information on file so when the time comes we can reach out to you.