If you would like to help our mission and agree with our agenda we would love to hear from you!

All jobs are on a per project basis for now. Once the site grows we will hire full time.

Full Stack Developer
Build out pages, API routes, and email templates. Our tech stack relies heavily on React, we use the Next.js Framework on Vercel for our website. A separate Node.js server with Express and are also apart of our operations for web scrapping and websocket connections. For our database you'll be happy to hear we are NoSQL and use MongoDB. Notable tools/npm packages we use include Sendgrid, Postmark, Bootstrap, SCSS, MJML, AWS-SDK, Stripe, Chart.js, and Redux to name a few. Our AWS workflow includes S3, Lightsail, Lambda, and EventBridge.
S3 / CloudFront - Used for storing and uploading user content as well as company assets.
Lightsail - Used for hosing our Node.js servers.
Lambda / EventBridge - Used for daily cron operations that send out emails, backup databases, fetch stock information, and generate thumbnails for uploads.
Looking for people with a passion for news and writing. Help create Stories, Issues and Myths that our users can read and trust.
Help design future store products, advertising and marketing materials.
Think you have a skill that would be of value that is not listed here? Please reach out to us, we will keep your information on file so when the time comes we can reach out to you.
Please email [email protected] if interested. You can also message me directly on Articles Messages.