Only Fundamental
Revise The Pledge Of Alligence
Revert the pledge back to its creators vision, removing the lines "under god". Allowing the pledge to be more inclusive of our nations people and to enforce the United States stance on separation of church and state set fourth by our founding fathers.
Lower Charges For Psychedelic Possession
While a lot of study is still needed, jailtime is not. Prohibit the jailing of individuals caught with the outlined amounts of a list of psychedelic drugs. shall be considered a violation, or lowest level of offense defined in state law, and shall not show up on a criminal record.
Gun Owner Education
Classes that would aim to protect and educate people and gun owners
Purto Rico Statehood
Allow Puerto Rico to join the United States of America as the 51st State
Pardon Edward Snowden
Allow Edward Snowden to return home.
Voting Reform
Allow citizens to vote online and by mail
Proportional Draft Age
Set mandate that that any future drafting and frontline military service can not be preformed by people under the federal drinking age.
Preferential Voting
Preferential Voting would be to discourage a two party system while allowing votes towards third parties to count without votes being "wasted".
Automatic Voter Registration
Register people for voting automatically.
Carbon Neutral Energy Production
Transition energy production in the United States to be carbon neutral
Tax Estimates
Provide citizens with estimates on how much tax they owe
Make humanity a multiplanet species!
By allowing the human species to become multi-planetary, it would enable the species to thrive and continue no matter what circumstances happen here on Earth. As we move towards a more complex, connected and developed society throughout the globe, it is very easy for humanity to potentially go extinct.