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Last Updated:
09/18/22 9:44AM

Automatic Voter Registration

Register people for voting automatically.

Register people for voting automatically when they turn eighteen years old.
Bullet Points
  • Increased voter participation: Automatic voter registration removes barriers and streamlines the voter registration process, leading to higher voter turnout. Eligible citizens are automatically registered to vote when they interact with government agencies, ensuring that more individuals are included in the democratic process.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency: Automatic voter registration reduces errors and inaccuracies in voter rolls. By utilizing existing government databases, such as driver's license records or social service agencies, the registration information is more reliable and up to date. This leads to more efficient administration of elections and reduces the chances of voter disenfranchisement.
  • Enhanced accessibility and convenience: Adopting automatic voter registration makes the process more accessible and convenient for citizens. They do not need to navigate complex registration procedures or remember specific deadlines. Eligible voters are registered automatically, saving time and effort while expanding access to the democratic process.
  • Reduction of administrative costs: Automatic voter registration can lead to cost savings for election administrators. With a streamlined and centralized registration system, the need for manual data entry and duplicate efforts is minimized. This allows resources to be redirected towards other critical areas of election administration.
  • Improved accuracy of voter information: Automatic voter registration reduces the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies in voter information. The process of directly updating voter records with reliable government data ensures that voter lists remain accurate, reflecting changes in addresses or other personal details.
  • Mitigation of voter suppression: Automatic voter registration helps counteract voter suppression efforts by ensuring that eligible citizens are registered to vote. By removing unnecessary barriers and actively expanding the voter rolls, more individuals, particularly marginalized communities, have the opportunity to participate in elections and have their voices heard.
  • Enhanced inclusivity and representation: Automatic voter registration promotes inclusivity by expanding the electorate to include a more diverse range of citizens. It reduces disparities in voter registration rates among different demographic groups, fostering greater representation and ensuring that the government is reflective of the population it serves.
  • Safeguarding against voter purging: By maintaining accurate and up-to-date voter rolls, automatic voter registration reduces the risk of improper voter purging. The use of reliable government databases ensures that eligible voters remain registered, protecting against disenfranchisement through questionable removal practices.
  • Increased trust in the electoral system: Automatic voter registration can enhance public trust in the electoral system by promoting fairness, transparency, and equal access to voting rights. When citizens see that the registration process is efficient, inclusive, and secure, they are more likely to have confidence in the legitimacy of election outcomes.
  • Alignment with democratic principles: Automatic voter registration aligns with democratic ideals of broad civic participation and equal representation. It fosters a system where all eligible citizens are given the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and contribute to the democratic process, strengthening the foundations of democracy itself.