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04/20/22 10:15PM

Proportional Draft Age

Set mandate that that any future drafting and frontline military service can not be preformed by people under the federal drinking age.

This proposal is still in a draft state. Help shape the future of this proposal by sharing any thoughts.
Bullet Points
  • Developmental stage and maturity: People under the federal drinking age are in a critical developmental stage, and their maturity level may not be fully developed. Engaging in military service requires a high level of emotional resilience, decision-making skills, and critical thinking, which may be compromised in individuals who are not yet fully mature.
  • Alcohol-related risks: Allowing people under the federal drinking age to serve in the military can increase the potential for alcohol-related risks. Access to alcohol within the military environment could lead to underage drinking, misuse, and related problems, which can undermine discipline, unit cohesion, and operational readiness.
  • Legal and ethical considerations: The federal drinking age is established based on legal and public health considerations. Allowing individuals who are underage to serve in the military could create legal complications, as they may be subject to alcohol-related offenses or face challenges in upholding military regulations related to alcohol consumption.
  • Professionalism and responsibility: Military service requires individuals to uphold high standards of professionalism and responsibility. Allowing people under the federal drinking age to serve in the military may pose challenges in maintaining discipline and enforcing rules and regulations related to alcohol consumption, potentially undermining the overall effectiveness and reputation of the armed forces.
  • Duty of care: The military has a duty of care to its service members, including their health, safety, and well-being. Allowing people under the federal drinking age to serve in the military could potentially expose them to alcohol-related harms and the associated risks of underage drinking, which goes against the duty of care to protect and ensure the welfare of military personnel.
  • Mission readiness and effectiveness: Maintaining mission readiness and effectiveness is crucial in the military. Allowing individuals who are not legally permitted to consume alcohol to serve could compromise unit cohesion, discipline, and overall operational effectiveness, potentially hindering the ability of the military to fulfill its objectives.
  • Consistency with other regulations: Prohibiting people under the federal drinking age from serving in the military aligns with other regulations and policies that exist to protect young individuals. It is consistent with broader societal norms and safeguards established to ensure the health, well-being, and proper development of young adults.
  • Focus on education and personal growth: Individuals under the federal drinking age should prioritize education and personal growth during this critical phase of their lives. Engaging in military service at a young age may disrupt their educational pursuits and limit their opportunities for personal development, which are essential for their future success and well-rounded development.
  • Specialized training and responsibilities: Military service often involves handling specialized equipment, weapons, and responsibilities that require a high level of maturity, judgment, and decision-making. People under the federal drinking age may not possess the necessary life experiences and judgment to handle these responsibilities effectively, potentially jeopardizing their own safety and that of others.
  • Prevention of harm and protection of rights: Restricting military service to individuals who have reached the federal drinking age helps prevent potential harm to young individuals and ensures that their rights, protections, and opportunities for proper development are upheld. It acknowledges the unique needs and vulnerabilities of young adults and safeguards their well-being within the military environment.