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Experimental news/political social media platform for all. We are working to make America a better place for the people through avenues of transparency, news, and politics.

If you wish to watch an intro video explaining some of the basics of Articles Media we have two videos, one is a general video and the other is a more technical one geared more towards developers and journalists.

Intro Video
Full Breakdown Video (Long)

With the help of input from Americans, as well as political and industry experts, we aim to construct nonpartisan bills that would restore the economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights that have been striped away or never given to us Americans. We aim to run ourselves, campaigning on the Fundamental Proposals and recruiting those who agree at local/state and federal levels to put an end to the current system of Democrats and Republicans that objectively failed our country by taking to long to act. Politicians that are Democrats and Republicans can run as an Articles Supporter as long as they agree with the Fundamental Proposals that Articles has defined.


At Articles, everything is transparent from day one. Donations, sales, ad-revenue, payroll, cost of operations, you name it, all available live over at our Reports page.

Money corrupts many organizations and leaders so we want to make sure the same does not happen to us, transparency is also one of the most ethical things a company involved in politics can do if done right. Many other companies do this yes, but to acquire this data proves very challenging and can be hard. That data is also sometimes missing bits and pieces as well as delayed to onlookers.

Every transaction we process will appear live, just bought a shirt from us? Head over to the reports page and there you will see that purchase as well as the amount of money sitting in our accounts. Whenever we need to take money from that account say for events, resupplying products, or anything really, those transactions show up there too. Each expense of ours includes a explanation on why we spent that money along with a system for supporters to ask more questions about the transaction and flag it if they do not agree with it.

To expand on the Reports page a little more we have broken down everything into Revenue and Expenses along with hot-links into popular sub pages. In real time you can look at our bank balance and everything that includes. Supporters that have signed up with Articles can see this data live and at times of increase traffic people who are not supporters (users who signed up) may receive delayed results. In the event of severe increased traffic or DDOS attacks this data may be delayed for all users but we will do our best to mitigate these issues.

Explore data about Articles in a visual way, here we have almost all the charts we use behind the scenes available to the public.

Balance History
Loading chart, may take a few seconds

How much we currently have in the bank.

Revenue vs Expenses
Loading chart, may take a few seconds

How much we are spending a month compared to how much we are making.

The employees page lists off all of our employees as well details about them including pay and contributions to the platform.

Note from Joey Giusto

At this moment I am the only employee but short term plans include hiring more people to assist with the platform. It is my goal to bring on more web-developers and authors as soon as possible.

The code page gives transparent insights into the code that makes up the platform. Powered by the GitHub API, view code and commits from our projects in a controlled way. It is our goal to eventually make everything fully open source.


With current news providers falling out of touch with the average American and providing content not in the interest of the American people, it is time for something to be done. We are developing interactive articles that make news easier to navigate. Source based and trackable issues are a great focus and a huge part of Articles.

A huge majority of American publishing is owned by just 6 companies, all of which give political donations to our government. Take a look at the image below

Stories is the place where we put our more general news and current events. Stories are not subscribable but you can choose to be alerted when edits and updates to one are made.

Issues are news you can subscribe to directly. Issues are for events that receive updates to them that need attention. Think about ongoing issues like the Keystone XL Pipeline and Global Warming which are both issues you can subscribe to today!

Myths are where users can go to clear up confusion on common misconceptions. This area is home to questions like "Do electric car batteries pollute more than gasoline cars?" and "Do windmills actually cause cancer?". We provide sources and data on all the topics we cover here so users can leave educated and confident, not being fooled by rumors that travel the nations web.

For common resources and educational information in general that is hosted by us.

See local news from your local area. Submit news that may be helpful to others around you.


Neutral, open-minded, and collaborative political policy development. Help restore the vision of the American Dream. Share your thoughts and opinions on how we can compromise on the nations greatest struggles.

Proposals is a place we talk about some of the changes we feel should happen in the political landscape of the country and the facts and details behind our conclusions. All are welcome to contribute and voice their thoughts on proposals so we can shape it into what this country wants and needs.

Here is the full list of fundamental proposals

Advisors help shape our proposals and platform just like our users, advisors include members from various industries and political organizations that have experience and a proven track record of wanting to advance the country and solve issues. Advisors sentiment can be viewed inside of proposals and commented on by users.

Just like the average American is dissatisfied with today political landscape, many of the business owners of America are as well. From small businesses to Fortune 500 there is a disconnect between what Americans want and what is being delivered. In industries where politics is heavily involved or action is needed we reach out to business owners and partners to voice what they think and possibly include them as Advisors because the voice of industry leaders is just as important as politicians. To refrain from naming anyone alive, think people like Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell for industry and Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln for Politicians.

Note from Joey Giusto

At this moment I am the only advisor but actively trying to fill more spots with industry and political experts that support solving the fundamental proposals.

There is the main set of political proposals but all of our verified members can also submit and receive feedback on political proposals. If a user political proposal gets a lot of agreement we will review it and possibly add it to the main set or come out with a statement on it.


Weekly updates about what is going on. Broken into general and development updates.

Every we week we put out a general update and a development update. General goes over the platform and progress we are making. Development updates give a sneak peak into what is happening in the backend as well as features in development that may be coming soon, this is more technical and mainly for developers and authors.

Vote on ideas and proposals to shape the future of Articles Media!

Users can vote on ideas we have for the platform. Some of these include polls for investing in stocks or crypto.

A place to share thoughts and ideas with us.

Our forum has been moved to Discord, a free app where you can join our server and talk with other members and be more directly involved with employees. You can also provide suggestions and feedback on the site as well as submit bugs you may find.

During live events watch, interact, and share input with us

Come here during live events to participate in chat and polls related to the event.

What is next for Articles and where we are taking it.

Play games with friends or other users right on Articles.

Why games? Games serve as a good way to drive traffic back to the site as well as being another source for ads to be viewed. All of our games are also open source so anyone can contribute to make them better, or download to teach themselves or view how things work.

Answers to common questions about our platform.

Reach out to us about any questions or comments.

Listings of what we need help with at this time. Align with our mission? We're eager to connect with you!

Projects and people that have helped.

Contribute or download assets that can be used by the community

Free courses to help you advance your career. Taught by our supporters!

Stay up to date with info screens that display what is new.

Manage your account data and other data in the event of account inactivity or death.

Open source exercise and fitness tracking app.


We sell products in our store to help raise money and awareness. Some items available right now include pins, posters, tee-shirts, sweatshirt and hats. Some of the items in our store even include a membership that gets credited to you when you purchase to redeem or share

Below we have the four types of items available on our store.

Originals100% Net Profit
Items available on the store made and sold by us. We receive all of the net profits from these items.
Partnerships20% - 80% Net Profit
Items available on the store that we sell in partnership with a brand or creator. Net profits of these items are split a percentage to benefit both parties. We plan to raise awareness and work with others to grow our platform with these items.
Sponsored0% - 5% Net Profit
Using our platform we plan to help smaller charities, organizations, and non-profits by providing a platform for them to sell on. Online sales and hosting can get tricky so we hope to help others focus on their mission by handing their online platforms.
Submissions0% Net Profit
User submitted content sold in our store. All net profit of sales goes to the user that submitted the design. Read more below.

On the Submissions page users will be able to submit product designs for items such as pins, posters, tee-shirts, hoodies and hats. These designs get voted on by the community. At the end of the voting period we will take the design with the most votes and put it up on the store for people to buy until the next event starts. Every submission is subject to our approval and must meet the guidelines laid out on the submissions page. The user that submitted that design will receive all the net profits from the sale


Inside of our news, weather, and games pages we display ads to help fund the site. Pages that ads will never appear on include Resources and Politics pages. All ads user our own advertising network and user specific information is never shared with advertisers, all of your data stays on our servers. Anytime an ad is displayed you can click the details button to learn why the ad is being displayed to you as well as financial details related to the ad.

Users can buy a membership to unlock exclusive features and support the platform. Some of these features include...

All the information we collect on you is always available to you and explained to you thoroughly.