Create an Online Ad

How to advertise on Articles, this course will walk you through creating and setting up an online ad for your business.

Intro Video

In order to complete this course you must have an account with Articles Media. You can create an Ad and leave it as a draft but if you wish to run an ad on the platform you will need a valid debit/credit card as well.
Navigate to Click the Create Ad button at the top of the page Use the tabs at the top to navigate different settings of your ad and fill out the information. As you fill out this info you can use the ad preview on the side of the screen (if on mobile you will see a floating ad preview button to open the preview) to preview how your ad will look to viewers. Content - The general details of your ad. Styles - How your ad looks, use this tab to set your logo, header, and custom colors to match your companies branding. Promos - Metrics - Files -